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75 Best Instagram Captions to Make Your Posts More Engaging


As you’ve already seen, seasonal Instagram captions can help you keep things fresh throughout the year. As the weather starts to improve, Instagram comes alive with flowers and sunshine. Here are some captions to add some pizazz to le printemps. Short Instagram captions are the way to go if you want followers to see your whole caption without having to tap More.


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Black cats are iconic—from Sabrina’s Salem to Hocus Pocus’ Thackery Binks. But they are still less likely to get adopted than other felines due to the superstitions surrounding them. Share your favorite photos of your black kitty with #BlackCatAppreciationDay. Share the last 5 emojis you used in the comments. Thankful for all of our customers this holiday season. Shop our New Year’s collection at the link in our bio.

In the example above, Dyson uses several branded hashtags (#DysonHair and #AirwrapStyler) but also seasonal ones for the upcoming holidays (#GiftInspo, #Christmas, and #ChristmasGifts). Anyone looking specifically to check out Dyson products will find this, but so will others looking for gift ideas. Hashtags go a long way on Instagram, which we’re sure you already know. They can increase your reach, helping you connect with members of your target audience who don’t already follow you. Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters, and they can include text, hashtags, and emojis.

The more spaces you have the more likely your audience will keep reading. Lengthy paragraphs tend to cause people to scroll right on by. According to Instagram the most important engagements for feed ranking are comments, likes and re-shares.

Instagram captions can be a maximum of 2,200 characters, which is between 310 and 550 words. However, that doesn’t mean every one of your captions should take up that much space. Here are a few more tips for creating Instagram captions that resonate. Today is [day/principle of Kwanzaa in Swahili, ]. How do you celebrate this day with loved ones?

And while Instagram is overwhelmingly about the visuals, if you really want your content to stand out, then you’re going to have to put equal amounts of effort into your captions. True, Instagram is about pictures and videos! The quality of the visual content shared is a huge differentiating factor that helps gain followership. However, the most impressive visual is incomplete without an engaging story to go along with it. The caption of the Instagram post tells the audience the story behind the visual, adding context to the post. The author for the Guest post will receive a homepage link along with a Facebook profile link.

Find a hook to capture the attention of your visitor. If you have approval or endorsement from a celebrity, an industry expert or even customers, you may find a way to work them into your About Us page. Those third-party endorsements are solid testimonials that can go a long way toward persuading a visitor to trust you. In fact, 72% of people say positive reviews make them trust a business more. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are. That’s how you’ll establish a rapport with your visitors, and it’s the best way to make them receptive to what you’re telling them and what you’re selling them, too.


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