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We’re an entertainment site, not a political platform. We also don’t expect you to write down about anything specific. You’ll write on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, mobile, retro games – anything you wish . We would like you to write down the articles that you’d wish to be known for, to not fit within a predefined box that isn’t natural to you.

When you are pitching to a company, whether you have relevant writing samples or not, focus on the skills that you can bring to the company. Later on in the post, I’ll show you a better way to create writing samples. We provide aspiring writers industry access, free resources and inspiration, and a community to support you through every step of your creative journey. Cut Scenes – Cut scenes are cinematic scenes or sequences that are usually found before, during, and after the gameplay. Within the game, they are used to push the story forward after the gamer has achieved certain goals.


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This is written after everything mentioned above has been completed. Consider this to be the master storyboard that documents the gameplay and story elements from beginning to end. In our final course, Working as a Game Writer, verified learners will receive direct feedback from our faculty on their final portfolios. Acquire the globally in-demand skills necessary to succeed as a writer in the fast-growing world of video games. We like to have new people who are interested in improving their writing skills on our team. This will ensure that we are able to train new writers to our liking and that they can work according to our guidelines.

We have the inside scoop because we are the insiders. We are also able to compensate you for your hard work and work with you to bring your articles to as many people as possible. We believe that any modern writer on the web should be able to market as well as they can write, which is something we’d be more than happy to help you accomplish. Bear in mind that we are small, so there’s no guarantee your article will earn huge numbers. Cultured Vultures is primarily about building experience and giving advice, though our payouts only keep increasing YOY.

If you cover video-games, you also get the added benefit of being featured on OpenCritic as a reviewer for us; the Rotten Tomatoes equivalent for video games. It’s a great way to get your name recognized by some of the top names in the industry. You would get to play even more video games, with review/preview codes, and get access to plenty of video game/pop-culture events. As a creative story editor, you get to work with other members of the game production team to ensure the gameplay is a good fit for the target demographic. You’ll also look for inconsistencies in the script, story, and gameplay. This way, players have the best experience possible as they work their way through the game.

The game designers are working from what they are capable of building through their design with the budget and staff they have. The game writer doesn’t sell their concept and watch game designers bring their vision to life through beautiful visuals and interactive gameplay.Project Directors are the ones that run the show. And they’re often the ones with the concept who are in charge of building the conceptual designs and gameplay with their team of designers. Gaming Debugged is a gaming blog covering mainstream and indie gaming as well digging deep into the world of game design and game development. I also share gaming news and comment from across the games industry.


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