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Again, if you do great work, we can give you a high volume of regular assignments and potentially consider you for a full-time writing or editing role. Deep interest and knowledge in both current and older anime. Please don’t apply if you haven’t watched a new anime series in the last 10 years, or even 5. It’s cool that you’ve seen Cowboy Bebop and DBZ but that doesn’t quite cut it.

We aim for a content breakdown of roughly 40% anime, 40% manga and 20% other Japanese pop culture (video games, live-action television and cinema, fashion, art, music, etc). TheReviewGeek is an inclusive company and our team includes talented writers from all backgrounds across the globe. We do, however, have a strict policy against political writing and will reject any pitches looking to politicize the site to lean on either side of the spectrum. We’re an entertainment site, not a political platform.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Instead of recycling the same entertainment news stories or publishing commonplace editorials, we focus on unique topics that are intellectually stimulating and meaningful. Major divergences from the initial pitch must be approved by the Anime Herald team. For example, an article about the themes of Princess Mononoke cannot become a review forCastle of Cagliostro, despite both being Hayao Miyazaki films. Contributors submitting journalistic articles must cite all facts and sources, which must be from reputable leads. When you submit a pitch to Anime Herald, you consent to working with our editorial team.

Before you submit a pitch, please use the search function on the blog to confirm that such an article hasn’t been published yet. The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. The Artifice is collaboratively built and maintained by your fellow writers. Anime Herald maintains the right to terminate any approved commission at any time prior to publication, and take down an article after publication. In these circumstances, Anime Herald will pay for the article at the agreed-upon rate, and the author will be free to publish the article elsewhere, if desired.

In keeping with our core mission to build a fanzine for the new millennium, we will look over any pitch that we receive. That said, we would prefer to keep content with at least a 50% focus on anime and manga. The remaining 50% is dedicated to fandom-centric interests (i.e. video games, fan art, cosplay, etc.). Books – If you love reading books and want to share your passion, now’s the chance to do it!


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