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In Illinois, prosecutors stay committed to vigorously looking for convictions and penalties for the illegal possession of a managed substance. Whether you’re alleged to have marijuana, heroin, crack cocaine, painkillers without a valid prescription or another unlawful substance, the penalties you face could be critical. Under 720 ILCS 550/4 possession of small amounts montvale nj area code of Marijuana is considered against the law in Illinois as long as the quantity is underneath 10 grams. Amounts under 10 grams are treated as a civil matter and subject to a nice. Illinois has legalized Medical Marijuana but recreational possession of marijuana above 10 grams is against the law.

Especially if the cannabis was present in your automobile, in your residence, or on your person. Your lawyer will challenge the state’s case at every stage and make sure the police did their job. Unfortunately, this means you would be facing misdemeanor and even felony expenses in your case. These penalties can be harsh, leaving you struggling for years after your case. Because of this, you’ll need to battle back with a Chicago lawyer’s assist. Possession of more than one hundred grams however no more than 500 grams of hashish is a Class four felony, punishable by 1-3 years in jail and a nice as much as $25,000.

As long as the accused has not been arrested before the scheduled return date, and has a certificates of completion from the program, we might achieve a dismissal of the cost for our shopper. Keep in mind, these applications usually are not available to all alleged offenders and are reviewed by the prosecution on a case-by-case basis. We have represented individuals from all walks of life – from faculty college students to noteworthy celebrities. With our help, criminally prosecuted men and women have regained their right to walk free. If the answers to these questions counsel your rights were violated, Jon Erickson and Michael Oppenheimer are experienced trial attorneys who know how to hold police accountable. They will argue vigorously and persuasively to have the proof obtained against you thrown out of courtroom.

His agency has helped not only myself however referrals I truly have sent to them. They are educated, concise and very clear in explaining the regulation. I will all the time use this firm if a necessity arises and I will always refer my family and friends to them. Mitch personally helped me with a tough case, and one with few choices.

He will focus on the case that lies ahead and one of the best ways to win the case. While several States all through the nation have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, Illinois isn’t a sort of States. However, Illinois has made some constructive actions towards legalizing marijuana. A couple of years ago Illinois joined the rising nationwide motion towards allowing for the use of Medical Marijuana. In 2017, Illinois decriminalized the possession of small quantities of marijuana.

Do not assume that the Village or City will ensure the case never seems in your record. James Dimeas will make sure it never seems on your background. He not solely excels in his knowledge of the regulation, he additionally cares about his purchasers. If you’re serious about using a public defender, you might think you’ve found a happy medium. Public defenders won’t be pricey, and you continue to have a lawyer in your facet.


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