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There are multiple benefits to writing guest posts both for the author and guest blog publishing site. Firstly,it would tell the author is highly knowledgeable in this field. The main benefit of writing a health guest post is that it addresses the audience’s needs; thus, it must be written perfectly. You must carefully follow all the rules before writing the article to avoid misunderstandings.

Union Budget 2019 should focus on digital technology to ease delivery… Because we receive many pitches, we may not be able to reply to all. If you have not heard back from us in 5 business days, feel free to offer your idea to someone else. Ensure it has a Title, the article text and any images related to your article. Then, proper use of keywords enhances the visibility of an article.

SmartBrief welcomes ideas for original editorial content from guest writers. If you’re interested to writing for us, follow the six easy steps below. The linked post/page should be related to the linked keyword in the blog. Also, we have the right to modify the link, if it is not related to the article.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Pay attention to the structure and make sure it’s easy to follow your flow of thought. Every article should consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion. When writing, explain why you mention a specific idea or concept and how it helps answer the question proposed in the headline. We do not publish content that has already been published somewhere else. Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and we don’t like being your second choice.

People often resort to online solutions and suggestions from people who have experienced a similar kind of issue. It has now become a trend to search the web for the symptoms and the cure of the health related trouble we face. It allows people to gain insight into an issue through the real-time experiences of other people. When you write the guest post, add all the insightful assets in your blog to get backlinks easily. Users are free to search and write upon a wide range of related articles to the healthcare niche. We will admire the hard work of growing writers and that’s why providing them a platform where they can publish their hard work through guest post blogs.

With international standards and latest technology we provide high quality dental care. For minor edits, we’ll make them without informing you first. On occasion, we’ll send a post back if we think it’s a good topic but could use more work.


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