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Cracked Writers’ Room: Jack O’Brien Describes How To Crowdsource Laughs


Despite a temporary delay due to the engineering casualty, the LCS USSCoronadohas started its rotational forward deployment to the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet area of operations last week. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The gang from Cracked came to our hometown of Nashville and holed up in a house with us for a weekend writing and producing sketch videos. But I’d say since it’s freelance work in a way, as long as you are submitting content they like, it wouldn’t matter to them where you live. Additionally, you can also submit news articles on the development of any sports anywhere in the world.

Site Point is specifically looking for content that is technical, instructive, well-written and innovative. Content for Metro Parent is determined months in advance. Story ideas should be pitched a good two to three months before the month it would run. This is particularly important for seasonally-anchored stories.

This one was really fun to research and write. It’s so cool that I can get these incredible stories out to more people but it didn’t do that well on cracked which I think is reaching a saturation point with badass soldier articles. I think the bio you’re referencing is a topics page, which are sort of like our site’s open source section where people work out ideas before running them by our staff.

I’ve heard some real horror stories from many, many people about them. They have a history of plagiarism, which they went to great lengths to cover up. They’ve lied about job descriptions so that they can trick people into doing free work for them. They’ve withheld pay from their writers and refused to pay others all that they are owed.

As some of you know Yosomono and Gaijinass also write for Cracked.com one of the most popular comedy websites online. Famous for being the master of lists Cracked actually used to be a popular print magazine in the vein of Mad Magazine. But when it comes to finding what’s funny, the Georgetown grad’s advice becomes a little more sage. In 2005, O’Brien began work on transporting the spirit of the legendary comedy magazine “Cracked” to the web.


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With successful web series, comprehensive mobile interfaces and popular writers it stands among top 1 percent for website traffic in the world, according to Alexa. The site was purchased by Demand Media in 2007. The one thing I was disappointed to see in her second New Yorker article was the idea that you need Harvard Lampoon alums in your writer’s room. That was something that I’d always heard when I was in college. You had to go to Harvard to write comedy. We have writers from all over the world in all different professions—history professors, doctors, retired bartenders, stay-at-home moms.

Thursday is crunch time for the workshop. Every week the editors comb the forums and pick out the best pitches for adjustment or straight publication. I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat at my computer endlessly refreshing my browser, waiting for that editor feedback.

The ship did not have to return immediately to port for additional repairs. An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the leak. This started out as “Presents from American presidents to horrible dictators” but expanded to “Creepiest Gifts Ever Given”. One that was cut was the skull of Big Nose George. Good old George was a career criminal in the American wild wild west who was executed on March 22, 1881 in Wyoming. He was then skinned and a leather maker turned his skin into a suitcase, shoes and his skull was used as a door stop.

Somewhere in your head is an observation about pop culture or history or social media or whatever subject it is that fascinates you, and you’re the only one who can make it. We want to hear it, and if we like it we want to pay you for it. Talent is helpful, but it’s your perspective on the world that’s invaluable. For your first four accepted articles, you will get $150 each. From your fifth article onward, you will get $250. If your article becomes one of the ten highest traffic-pullers of the month, you’ll earn an additional bonus payment of $100.

It is being added to cocaine even though A) It’s more expensive than other shit that people put in happy dust. B) It makes some paying customers sick. C) It’s being cut into the cocaine before it hits the United States, making if more expensive to smuggle into the States. Basic good business sense is to buy a product as cheap as possible, ship it as small as possible and make sure it doesn’t kill your customers. These principles are the reason IKEA is so popular. So many of your popular articles are lists of 5 or 7, etc.


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