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She first labored in Student Services and then moved into Alumni Services in 2007. Fowler worked with Young Alumni , the legacy brick program and scholarships. A lot of her work was event-based or programmatic, so she was also liable for securing sponsorships to cover the costs of these events or applications. Fowler was a Heartland Conference All-Conference choice after leading LCU with a career-best thirteen.8 factors a sport. Also led the conference with a 60.8% shooting mark from the sphere, which is the fifth-best single-season tally in Heartland Conference historical past. Archer DR, Fowler HJ. Using meteorological knowledge to forecast seasonal runoff on the River Jhelum, Pakistan.Journal of Hydrology 2008, 361(1-2), 10-23.

Her research focuses on improved physical understanding of fixing precipitation extremes and providing higher projections for local weather adaptation. She has pioneered new downscaling techniques to bridge the gap between climate modellers and customers of climate scenarios (e.g. UKCP09 Weather Generator). Fowler HJ, Kilsby CG, O’Connell PE. Modeling the impacts of climatic change and variability on the reliability, resilience, and vulnerability of a water resource system.Water Resources Research 2003, 39, 1222.

Hall J, Kilsby C, Fowler H, Burton A. Climate models’ value.New Scientist 2008, 201, 16-16. Burton A, Fowler HJ, Kilsby CG, O’Connell PE. A stochastic model for the spatial-temporal simulation of nonhomogeneous rainfall occurrence and quantities.Water Resources Research 2010, 46, W11501. Sauter C, White CJ, Fowler HJ, Westra S. Temporally compounding heatwave–heavy rainfall events in Australia.International Journal of Climatology 2022, . Wang J, Li X-F, Liu S, Liu T, Dai Y, Yang S, Fowler HJ. Leading modes of wind area variability over the western Tibet Plateau.Climate Dynamics 2022, Epub forward of print.

Villalobos-Herrera R, Blenkinsop S, Guerreiro SB, O’Hara T, Fowler HJ. Sub-hourly decision high quality control of rain-gauge knowledge considerably improves regional sub-daily return degree estimates.Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 2022, . I am passionate concerning the need for utilized research to engage with societal issues and to supply solutions, or at least the path in course of solutions, in a decision-focused method. Visser A, Kroes J, van Vliet MTH, Blenkinsop S, Fowler HJ, Broers HP. Climate change impacts on the leaching of a heavy metallic contamination in a small lowland catchment.Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 2012, 127(1-4), 47-64. Chan SC, Kendon EJ, Roberts NM, Fowler HJ, Blenkinsop S. The traits of summer time sub-hourly rainfall over the southern UK in a high-resolution convective permitting model.Environmental Research Letters 2016, eleven. Archer DR, Fowler HJ. Characterising flash flood response to intense rainfall and impacts utilizing historic information and gauged knowledge in Britain.Journal of Flood Risk Management 2018, 11, S121-S133.

She specialises within the evaluation of the impacts of climate change and variability on hydrological and water sources methods, in particular inspecting recent trends in extremes and future projections and their impacts on flood and drought dangers. She has also been instrumental in the analysis of local weather model outputs and the development of new downscaling techniques, in particular using probabilistic methods and weather or rainfall turbines, to bridge the hole between climate modellers and customers of local weather info. She specialises within the evaluation of the impacts of climate change and variability on hydrological and water resource techniques, inspecting latest developments in extremes and future projections and their impacts on flood and drought risks.

Future modifications to the depth and frequency of short‐duration extreme rainfallS Westra, HJ Fowler, JP Evans, LV Alexander, P Berg, F Johnson, … Chan SC, Kendon EJ, Roberts NM, Fowler HJ, Blenkinsop S. Downturn in scaling of UK extreme rainfall with temperature for future hottest days.Nature Geosciences 2016, 9, 24-28. Allan RP, Barlow M, Byrne MP, Cherchi A, Douville H, Fowler HJ, Gan TY, Pendergrass AG, Rosenfeld D, Swann ALS, Wilcox LJ, Zolina O. Advances in understanding large-scale responses of the water cycle to local weather change.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2020, 1472, 49-75. Academic workDisciplineHydrologySub-disciplineclimate change, hydroclimatologyInstitutionsNewcastle UniversityHayley J. Fowler is a Professor of Climate Change Impacts within the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. Fowler HJ, Kilsby CG. Implications of changes in seasonal and annual extreme rainfall.Geophysical Research Letters 2003, 30, 1720. Forestieri A, Lo Conti F, Blenkinsop S, Cannarozzo M, Fowler HJ, Noto LV. Regional frequency analysis of utmost precipitation in Sicily .International Journal of Climatology 2018, 38, e698-e716.

She has been instrumental within the evaluation of climate mannequin outputs and development of new downscaling methods to bridge the gap between modellers and customers of climate information (e.g. UKCP09 Weather Generator). Do convection-permitting regional local weather fashions improve projections of future precipitation change? Kendon EJ, Ban N, Roberts NM, Fowler HJ, Roberts MJ, Chan SC, Evans JP, Fosser G, Wilkinson JM. Do convection-permitting regional climate fashions enhance projections of future precipitation change? Blenkinsop S, Fowler HJ. Changes in drought frequency, severity and length for the British Isles projected by the PRUDENCE regional local weather models.Journal of Hydrology 2007, 342(1-2), 50-71. Large scale surface–subsurface hydrological mannequin to assess local weather change impacts on groundwater reservesP Goderniaux, S Brouyère, HJ Fowler, S Blenkinsop, R Therrien, P Orban, …

Manning LJ, Hall JW, Fowler HJ, Kilsby CG, Tebaldi C. Using probabilistic climate change info from a multimodel ensemble for water sources assessment.Water Resources Research 2009, forty five, W11411. Fowler HJ, Kilsby CG, O’Connell PE, Burton A. A weather-type conditioned multi-site stochastic rainfall mannequin for the era of scenarios of climatic variability and change.Journal of Hydrology 2005, 308(1-4), 50-66. Burton A, Fowler HJ, Blenkinsop S, Kilsby CG. Downscaling transient climate berkowitz trash change utilizing a Neyman–Scott Rectangular Pulses stochastic rainfall mannequin.Journal of Hydrology 2010, 381(1-2), 18-32. Iv) growing web-based tools to allow downscaling methods for use for local weather change impact assessments exterior academia.

Majone B, Bovolo CI, Bellin A, Blenkinsop S, Fowler HJ. Modeling the impacts of future local weather change on water resources for the Gallego river basin .Water Resources Research 2012, 48, W01512. Goderniaux P, Brouyère S, Blenkinsop S, Burton A, Fowler HJ, Orban P, Dassargues A. Modeling climate change impacts on groundwater assets utilizing transient stochastic climatic eventualities.Water Resources Research 2011, forty seven, W12516. Hayley has greater than 20 years experience analysing the impacts of local weather change and variability on hydrological methods and has revealed greater than 160 ISI-cited articles since 2000. She has a large research group – presently 6 post-docs and 10 PhD college students. Hayley did a BA in Geography at Cambridge University earlier than moving to Newcastle University for an MSc in Water Resource Systems Engineering and PhD in local weather change impacts on water resources , staying at Newcastle for her post-doctoral training. Is Professor of Climate Change Impacts in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University.


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