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Molecular mass is equal to the mass of 1 molecule of a substance. Give the web ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when aqueous solutions of H2SO4 and KOH are blended. A) H+ + OH- → H2O B) 2 K+ + SO42- → K2SO4 C) H+ + OH- + 2 K+ + SO42- → H2O + K2SO4 D) H22+ + OH- → H22 E) No reaction occurs arizonabased trainual series altos. Give the online ionic equation for the response that occurs when aqueous options of K2S and Fe2 are combined. A) K+ + NO3- → KNO3 B) Fe2+ + S2- + 2 K+ + 2 NO3- → FeS + 2 K+ + 2 NO3- C) Fe2+ + S2- + 2 K+ + 2 NO3- → Fe2+ + S2- + 2 KNO3 D) Fe2+ + S2- → FeS E) No reaction occurs.

Our intensive range of items will enable you to calculate the desired worth without hassle; you will not have to go away this page! It also supplies you with an opportunity to vary all the values on the go. Which assertion is TRUE about kinetic molecular theory? A) A single particle doesn’t move in a straight line. B) The dimension of the particle is large in comparison with the quantity.

Harris-Benedict calculator makes use of one of many three hottest BMR formulas. Knowing your BMR might allow you to make important choices about your food regimen and lifestyle. Definition of partial strain and using Dalton’s law of partial pressures. Dalton’s law of partial pressure This is the currently selected item. Which of the next samples will have the best volume at STP?

Once you have isolated your method best fuel law issues aren’t any extra complicated that the stoichiometry issues we’ve addressed in earlier chapters. Identify the spectator ions in the following molecular equation. KBr + AgNO3 → AgBr + KNO3 A) Ag+ and Br- B) K+ and NO3- C) K+ and Br- D) Ag+ and NO3- E) There are not any spectator ions in this reaction. Calculate the temperature when a zero.50 L sample of fuel at 1.0 atm and 25 levels Celsius is compressed to zero.05 L of gas at 5.0 atm. The activation vitality calculator finds the energy required to begin out a chemical reaction, based on the Arrhenius equation.

Which of the next compounds is insoluble in water? A) Hg2I2 B) MgSO4 C) 2CO3 D) BaS E) All of these compounds are soluble in water. Which of the next compounds is soluble in water? A) CaS B) MgCO3 C) PbCl2 D) BaSO4 E) None of those compounds is soluble in water. Determine the mass of water fashioned when 12.5 L NH3 (at 298 K and 1.50 atm) is reacted with 18.9 L of O2 (at 323 K and 1.1 atm). Determine the density of NH3 gasoline at 435 K and 1.00 atm.

One mole of oxygen fuel is at a stress of 6.forty atm and a temperature of 31.5°C. Read on to find out more concerning the ideal gas regulation, moles, and examples & tips about how to resolve chemical equations. Calculate the pressure of zero.800 moles of helium gasoline, when the fuel is in a balloon with a volume of 2.30 L at a temperature of 32 C. Determine the volume occupied by one mole of a super gas at 75 levels Celsius and 0.865 atm. Calculate the strain of a super gas if 2.45 x 10-2 moles occupies 416 mL at 137 levels Celsius. Calculate the strain of a perfect gas if 2.45 x 10-3 moles occupies 415 mL at 138 degrees Celsius.


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