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ForLandscaping In the Landscapingbloggers must ensure that they don’t copy content from the internet since it could lead to plagiarism and the post could be rejected. If you’d like your content to be seen by more people then you may send your content to us. You should read this article to know the rules and other details. Do you consider yourself a landscape or nature photographer? Are you searching for an opportunity to share your thoughts to fellow bloggers?


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

The garden and landscaping industry is an ever-growing and constantly changing world. Get my easy 8-step layering process, the “Master the Mixed Border” checklist & a printable planting pyramid; all for free. We own the copyright on any guest post published on our website and the material cannot be posted elsewhere.

We will reply to you after 5-10 hours and will let you know if you can submit your high-quality article. Do you have something on your heart that you think our audience would enjoy? Is formatted with headers, subheaders, and paragraphs. Please don’t submit a big block of text, we won’t even read it. Before submitting an article, please contact us to see if it is a topic that would be of interest to us. Writers must be sincere and respectful when they present their thoughts.

I would pay 1,5 pence per word for papers I write for these articles, which amounts to roughly £30. With your experience writing for Simplifying Gardening, your own subjects’ preference and the definition and writing of things as you like would become more versatile. Your salary will rise as we continue in this direction.

Any content related to housing, garden, tools, lawn care, patio maintenance, and the kitchen is acceptable. Do you want to share your experience of gardening with our readers that you started quite long ago? Well, The Austle team welcomes you to write unique and reader-catchy articles on some selected home ins and around the category that will be published here.

When you submit an article we have the rights edit your content to be more readable and correct grammatical errors. Before you submit, please peruse our recent articles for insight into structuring and formatting your article. If you have a creative idea for an article, by all means, let us know!

The writers are required to keep the information confidential until we verify it. The articles must remain within the word limit that is specified. If the length of your article exceeds or is less than the required length, your article is disqualified. Find out the details regardingLandscaping Write for Us..

We publish a wide variety of types of articles that are related to landscape, nature, wildlife, and travel photography. Our articles include tips and tutorials, guides to locations of interest, showcases for inspiration, and interviews. We publish content focused on post processing in addition to photography-related content. We’re also interested in video content if that is within your areas of expertise. You can write your personal experience, tips and tricks, product reviews, ideas and decoration, buyers guide, guest post, and many more.


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