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Provide tips on saving on plumbing costs by installing a bath beside the existing laundry plumbing. Discuss common layouts that have obvious functionality flaws. Common myths about remodeling your half bath.


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Inform the reader of features like window boxes that are cheap to install but change the look of a room. Three outrageous ideas for a garden shed transformation. Discuss the trend in tiny houses and list how easily a common shed can be turned into an office or spare bedroom like a mother-in-law suite. Add photos of some of the most unique garden shed transformations you’ve seen. Three outrageous ideas for a bathroom remodel. Five common mistakes in finishing a basement.

Keep an editorial calendar to track the articles and keywords being published. An editorial calendar makes sure that every piece is optimized for your most important keywords, call to actions and is written and scheduled regularly. Your editorial calendar should align with the rest of your website strategy.

Architecture’s Idea is a great platform for everyone to share their knowledge through guest posts. We welcome all writers for various niche for guest posts. We always focus on quality content and in.. By writing informative and engaging guest posts, you’ll be able to show readers that you know your stuff. It is essential to attract an audience that has never heard of your firm. To do this, share your blog articles on social networking platforms using tools like Buffer or MissingLettr.

However, we have some terms that you have to follow it or we will ignore your application. We don’t accept general topics such as “6 Master Bedroom Designs & Tips”, the more detailed the better. You will be notified within 2 to 3 weeks if your post will be published on Sebring Design Build. If it is accepted, the piece may be held for 4-6 weeks typically, in order to optimize timing of its publication. The post has not been published anywhere else online. We are always looking for new, fresh perspectives on all things related to home improvement.

It will not be easy getting your blog perceived as an authoritative source in home remodeling but writing quality blog content is an excellent start. Creating articles can be time-consuming, especially when you aim to rank high in your geographic service area. We recommend writing 10 blogs a month or more if you can afford the time. Repurposing blog articles will help you hit these goals.

Here are some of the interesting sample articles to get you an idea before outreaching or start writing. First and foremost, we only accept submissions from experienced writers who write about home improvement topics. The kitchen is the heart of your home, a place to bring family and friends together to create and share meals, discuss the day, and plan the future. Whether you view your kitchen as a space to entertain or to decompress by creating your own culinary masterpieces,…


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