Huntsville’s Line-x Unveils Limited Edition Commander Collection Truck, Secret Car For Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Photos, Video Al Com


The Silverado was shown at SEMA after which offered as a limited-edition trim.

“A lot of individuals would come over into town, which is nice. We adore it,” he says. “But there were just some instances that I needed to sort of pull into the workplace with out everybody figuring put a crayon in wallet while traveling out that I was pulling into the office.” Robertson additionally has what he calls a “duckoflaged” 2007 BMW Z4. “We use it in festivals, and I’ve loaned it out to people to drive round. It’s only a fun little automobile.”

And now Line-X is including a pickup truck to the record. This truck is certainly excellent for Jase Robertson. But we might probably say that it is good for any of the Duck Dynasty members of the family. It is totally decked out with issues each deer hunter may ever want.

“They know that most probably the ‘Duck Dynasty’ series will have a lifespan of X years so I think they’re type of searching, planning out how they can lengthen or go further. They’re good business individuals.” Designed to face out from other vehicles on the road, the car contains a hydrographic sprint panel and graphic package exclusive to the Duck Commander model, including camouflage and duck silhouettes. We like to drive them, we love to have them and we love to take them wherever we would like. We are also a collective of people who are additionally into basic cars.

“It seems like they had been simply spraying bullets throughout my property.” Scroll through to see where the Robertsons are actually that their actuality present has ended. Several podcasts have been produced about or by Duck Commander and the Robertson household.

Willie had many good reminiscences in his Foxbody Mustang, but for the longer term heir of the Duck Commander empire, a rear-wheel drive, road-going automobile may solely suffice so lengthy earlier than he wanted something else – something more capable. Willie isn’t really the straight-line dominator sort of guy – and regardless of how many speakers he crammed the back seat of his Mustang with, something was all the time missing. Robertson’s daughter Sadie was on “Dancing with the Stars” last 12 months, and she or he completed in second place.

Robertson purchased a 1984 Ford Mustang for $1,000 when he was a senior in highschool. “It wasn’t the cool one. It was the ugly one,” he says. “It was shiny orange with a white top. It was hideous looking with white leather-based seats and had about 200,000 miles on it.” He was capable of buy it by pawning his baseball card assortment with his girlfriend’s father. “He gave me the money, and he told me once I obtained the money back, I might buy again the playing cards once more.” Robertson remembers being a really green driver in ninth grade when he tried to visit his girlfriend at her house. He missed the flip and got the car caught on a hill.

They work hard, they usually play more durable – unless their name is Willie; then they sit in the cab of their Duck Destroyer and race associates from the comfort of a local weather managed cab. Willie isn’t about to run anywhere he doesn’t need to, however if you problem him to a race, this is doubtless what you’re going to get – four cones, two lanes, and one winner. Si will purport to have driven just about every little thing on the face of the planet, however you’d never realize it by watching the method in which he viciously attacks every shift gate on the Eaton 10-speed. Si does more grinding to get the truck on high of things than you’ll see in a Snoop Dog video. We’re not even going to mention the reality that his pre-trip consists of absolutely NOT checking the cargo doors.

Maybe it’s as a outcome of he’s a baller, with a multi-million-dollar net worth? But we have another principle, one that we like higher. He didn’t grow up in a cave; he’s college-educated, but he’s nonetheless a self-proclaimed redneck – and happy with it. Sure “real” outdoorsmen had camo-clad hardware as a result of they used it! But a quantity of episodes of reveals like Duck Dynasty blew the trend into the stratosphere! Now, it’s truly “cool” to rock a camo wrap in the dead-center of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, miles and miles away from something remotely resembling a bush large enough to hide out in.


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