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For a full length feature (unless it’s a profile piece), interviewing multiple sources is expected along with relevant research included on the topic. Although we welcome queries and submissions, our magazine content is based primarily on the editorial calendar we have in place for the year. View this calendar to see the article topics we have planned for each month’s issue. We will let you know if your piece has been accepted for publication within one week. If your piece is accepted, some minor editing may take place.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience and generate leads. So publish your blog here and broaden your network and gain more exposure. In addition to that, you will get your social media profiles, the experience of writing high-quality content, and potential traffic for your blog. Boston Parent was the second local parenting magazine in the country when it started in 1980.

This includes writing original content that has not been published anywhere else, a post that is 800+ words, and error-free and factual articles. There are often a couple of trending topics for the parenting section. Freelance writers are welcome to share their takes. Information is available from different sources.

This may be a source of heartache, worry, and in other cases, pride on the part of the parents. These children sometimes have striking facial features that are very different from their adoptive parents. This is also when miscarriages are more likely to happen, and moms need every piece of advice at this time on the right things to do. Moms to be will also need advice on safe pregnancy exercises. Raising a child is a tedious task, and we want our site to be a place of comfort for all parents.

We welcome collaborators and experienced writers to pitch their ideas and submit guest posts. You can help debunk the myths about parenting. All guest posts must be original and personal experiences of the freelance mom. Our readers are new moms with newborns trying to get used to their new roles in life. Pregnant Chicken is an online resource and blog that offers tips, advice, and information that help in keeping pregnancy fun and funny for expectant and new parents.

Guest posts must not include content that has been previously published somewhere else. Please include links to the resources used. Ashley helps freelance parenting writers get paid and published.


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