The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Spinoff Full Solid: First Pictures


While hiding out in one of the houses, Daryl learns that Merle was answerable for brutally beating Glenn and yearns to talk with him before they depart, however Rick refuses, due to it being too risky. Daryl throws out a flash grenade and fires through the shootout between the Woodbury soldiers and their group. Once Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne are prepared to flee, they notice that Daryl has fallen behind. It seems that Daryl was captured by Woodbury troopers during the shootout and is dropped at the walker pit as Philip asks the residents what they should do with the “terrorists”. The Governor manufacturers Merle a terrorist and traitor as nicely, having conspired together with his brother.

Pope dispatches Leah to scout the situation with a crew of Reapers. As one other Reaper escapes into the woods, Daryl and Dog chase after him. Having followed Dog, Daryl knocks a hole within the wall and squeezes through. Inside the tunnel, he finds the remnants of a survivor camp, in addition to some graffiti depicting the Fall.

Merle then decides to follows him as he has nowhere to go. Merle eventually sacrifices himself whereas attempting to kill the Governor. Daryl later finds that Merle has turned, and for the first time Daryl reveals his conflicting emotions.

As the Prison falls, Beth got here across Daryl and collectively, they left the jail to places unknown. Daryl assists in making a plan to eliminate the walkers within the yard. He will get into an argument with the others concerning Merle’s presence. Later, Daryl is seen sitting in his cell when Carol seems to talk to him. Carol tells Daryl that Merle is no good for him, and to not enable him to bring Daryl down with him.

Before she will silently kill it, she will get her foot caught in an animal entice and alerts the walker. Beth fires the crossbow, but it does not pierce the mind, and she or he is saved by Daryl. Daryl takes her via piggyback to a close-by gorezone funeral house, the place they first pay their respects to a “beloved father” at his grave, which reminds her of Hershel, and she then holds Daryl’s hand. Daryl is then questioned by Beth on why he stayed, and he implicates his reason being Beth herself.

Judith begs Pamela not to undergo with it because it’s never too late and so they have to help everyone still out there. Before Lance can chunk Pamela, Maggie shoots him within the head together with her sniper rife, placing Lance down. Maggie states that it is time to take the Commonwealth back. At the protected house in the Estates, Daryl lays Judith on a mattress and Tomi immediately begins tending to her.


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