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It also may save you the trouble of writing an article only to discover that we have a similar one in our files or have assigned the subject to someone else. I DO NOT accept submissions from freelance writers, corporations, or retailer sites. Home improvement writes for us to submit a guest post including home design, home renovation, home decorating, furniture, gardening, DIY, and woodworking. Thanks for devoting your time to read all our guidelines and pitch for guest posting.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

The article must provide sufficient information to enable the reader to understand the subject. Educating our readers through your exciting ideas. There should be no plagiarism errors while writing an article on Home and garden. Minimum qualification is needed for the writer to write an article on Home and garden.

Including your own photos relevant to the topic is a big help. Please note that we normally edit guest posts to flow with our website better and for better SEO. We will only evaluate content that is completely original, original, relevant, and well-written.

Have a look at some of the points mentioned below. The provided links must be related to the relevant topics and provide vast details. We do not promote any companies or hold any partnerships with other companies. Our post does not mention sponsorships; we write only on the relevant topics based on home and garden. The writer should maintain proofreading after writing the Home and garden-related articles. All passionate writers are welcome to look forward to our writing opportunity and showcase their writing talent.

Check out the list below for ideas.Plants and flowers to grow for your garden. The writer should start the article with an interesting heading. The writer can stay in any state or country to become the writer on our platform.

If you have already published this article elsewhere, there is no use in sending it to us because we use Copyscape and Google to review articles before we publish them. We will provide you with specific topics and a detailed content outline. Your articles must include the given keyword-phrases and related terms. Thoroughly review our “write for us” contribution guidelines before pitching topics and sharing content.

We usually recieve lots of guest post articles on everyday basis. For any guest post, the writers must focus on the catchy topic and provide details according to the topics. Thegardengranny.com – Hi, we are currently open for article submission under gardening & home improvements.


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