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There are also fields for a featured image and category. We created this video to show you the basic steps to allowing users to use a WordPress form to post articles on your website as guest authors. Devoid of promotion – our ultimate goal is strictly to inform our audience. With that in mind, your article must not contain any promotional content. Similarly, any article that does not follow Google’s link guidelines won’t get published on our site. If you are using a custom form template, please move it to /wp-content/your-theme/usp/.

Make sure you ask for permission before using any images that don’t belong to you. The article shouldn’t be a rip-off of someone else or even your pre-published article. Compress your image size of 100 Kb without compromising the quality. All content shall be moderated considering given guidelines before publishing it. Content must be properly researched, grammatically correct, and plagiarism checked.

Your article must be your original work and must not be published elsewhere. WP Reset will retain the publishing rights to all content submitted exclusively. Don’t worry though because a lot of people go through the same thing so it would be nice to present some sort of guide for them that they can follow. WPKube is an online WordPress resource which focuses on WordPress tutorials, How-to’s, guides, plugins, news, and more.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Your author bio should be in the 2-3 sentences , your image, and Email address with the Twitter link. Our readers love to read in-depth content that is insightful and interesting. Please do not abuse our blog as a “promotion platform” for any products, discount coupons, services, and so on. The content by itself should be helpful to the reader. Send in proofread articles that have at least 1000 words.

We actually prefer articles to be over two thousand words but you can write a minimum of one thousand words as a way to start. From there, you can work your way up in terms of word count once you get familiar with the topic. Of course, there are also a range of customizable paid options, and you can tweak when your post is published or how it will be displayed.

If you write for us just to get only a dofollow backlink then we can’t approve your content. Since We have open a opportunity to get comment backlink ( plagiarism free & new post ) . Hello I am the author of How To Plugin, on How To Plugin we provide tutorial on WordPress themes, templates, plugins. The guest posts should have a basic structure broken down into short paragraphs for easy reading. We encourage you to include as many images as suitable for the blog post. A tutorial might contain many screenshots, while a business strategy post could display only one or two diagrams.

This is super easy to set up, and you can allow posts from registered or unregistered users. At least one internal link – all submitted articles must contain at least one link to some other article published on WPKlik. As with all links, it needs to naturally fit within the context of the article. Original – when writing an article for us, keep in mind that we do not publish content that have already been published elsewhere. Any copied or reused content will immediately be declined. We will check for plagiarism, so if you want to get published with us, make sure to avoid doing this.

Submitted posts are NOT removed if you deactivate the plugin, reset default options, or uninstall the plugins; that is, all submitted posts must be removed manually. With WPForms, it’s easy to use custom fields in user-submitted blog posts. That way, they can share the information on the frontend of your site. All guest posts we publish contains your article contents, and author details. You also get an author-profile page that includes a link to a website of your choice.

When the article’s core isn’t text, but a code snippet or infographic, you should still include at least 300 words explaining that core element. There is a simplified USP Demo at Perishable Press. Note the demo form is non-functional, just there to give you a general idea. The actual form provided by the plugin has more features, functionality, etc. Everything is super easy to customize via Plugin Settings page.

Author recognition – we will publish your name, photo and author bio on our site. By submitting the article to Onlinedecoded, you are giving the copyright of that article to Onlinedecoded. Always provide an attribute link-back to the source.


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