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We prefer experts with a social media presence when possible. These are some of the guidelines that we want all interested writers to know before they send their articles to our publishing team. The account must be a human author account even if you work for an organization and want to publish on behalf of any organization. Don’t use social profiles of any organization but the author’s personal only. You may mention the name of the company in the author’s description.

Must use our brand mission statement as a compass to guide the tone and content. We sincerely praise highly organized individuals with common sense bolstered by compassion/empathy/loyalty. You might ask why compassion/loyalty/empathy are important qualities for a writer – the person you are makes you the writer you are – they are not mutually exclusive. Please submit completed articles as a Word document rather than a PDF. It’s always better to pitch an idea first, rather than invest time and effort only to be disappointed by a rejection. Contributing insightful articles enhances your credibility, increases brand recognition and boosts your reputation as a key influencer in the industry.

And it cannot promote your own brand or company and/or links to your own website. Have we mentioned that it must be exclusive to Hollywood Insider yet? You can share the link to theHollywood Insider article written by you on your social media channels and also your blog/website.

To publish guest posts on our website, you need to add a minimum of one image for each subject of your post. Article Posted – Article published on the blog as well as shared on social media profiles. These are some of the common advantages that this guest posting will offer you.

All contributions are greatly appreciated and will help us grow as a media platform. When you write for us or for your own, start the content with a bang, so the reader will dwell into your article immediately. Content that you write for should be written well, it might get disapproved when the reading quality of the content is below-par. If any aforementioned categories interest you, kindly email us. Also, please inform us in case you require more topics.

Your post may also be edited prior to publication for quality or clarity. Please don’t be offended if we make changes that improve your post even more. The editor shall also provide timelines on when the piece is expected by the editorial. Once the pitch has been approved, one of our editors shall respond to provide curatorial direction on the piece. If there’s a tweak/modification required on the content you share, then our content review team will do the appropriate changes for better of your content and our website quality.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

So, follow more to learn the ways you can connect with us. We get a ton of submissions and some months we’re not accepting any new articles, so it sometimes takes a while for us to get back to you; so be patient in waiting for a response. We’re looking for articles that take on lifestyle, culture, entertainment, internet trends, self-empowerment and motivation, and other related topics. We don’t publish articles that don’t fit in with our blog’s theme. Because of the large volume of submissions, we will contact you only if your piece is accepted. If you do not hear from us within three business days, please feel free to submit your article to other publications.

All news stories should be at least 400 words in length, and others must have a minimum of 600 words. After writing the content, you shall check for plagiarism. If your write-up hits plagiarism, fix the affected part and then send it to us. You can generate content by copying someone’s work, but it won’t make you credible. After finding the source, people will eventually start reading the original work instead of your copied version. Being grammatically correct gives you an edge over other writers.

Images you attach with the article should have included with credits/source if it’s not your own. If the title is irrelevant, then you can request the topics for which you can write for us and send over. You article will be optimized to rank utmost the best position after an in-depth keyword research related to the content you want to publish. Your article will be shared to our well established social handles and large groups of sports community.


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