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We always need people to write reviews and interviews. Send your article ideas to or choose the topic from the list below. Nor we will accept articles published on other websites or platforms. In general we do not interfere with the writer’s work. Publishing your work on PIT Designs website as a platform.

Please maintain a third-person voice at all times. Try to avoid slang and provide context when describing hypothetical scenarios. When using acronyms, spell out the first use, followed by the acronym in parentheses. In your guest article, avoid making any product or service recommendations.

Our readers are knowledge thirsty individuals who are searching for high-quality and knowledgeable resources, which can solve their problem or query. By contributing to us, you are supporting us to help our community grow. At the same time, you are moving forward on the path of developing and building a strong reputation online. It is our community of loyal readers that makes Sprak Design so awesome. We aim to offer new web designers and developers a wide pool of knowledge including tricks, tips, processes, and knowledge about new design trends and technologies.

Source imagery to illustrate the article (we’ll give you some guidelines). Our readers love research and data-based information. As a potential contributor, we encourage you to use it knowing that you’ll assume the role of verifying all facts in your piece before submitting it. Social media tags to promote the published article.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Images should be your own, or attributed to the rightful owner, the width of the images should be 800px wherever possible. Topics that have already been covered on our blog. We can approve your article if you follow all the above rules. Always check for plagiarism of your post before sharing it.

WebDesignLedger.com is always looking for talented individuals to write for us! We strive to provide top-notch articles, tutorials, news and information for the web design and development community. Work Design Magazine is dedicated to exploring the evolution of What’s Next in workplace culture, research, and design.

What’s more, good stories are sticky — which means people are more likely to connect with them and pass them on. Additionally, you want to make sure your font is accessible to individuals with disabilities. This ensures all your visitors have a rich experience when going through your about page. Consider naming your most successful clients and linking to a case study. Download the guide to review what we love about these amazing about us page examples, plus a few tips about how to make one of your own. If you think you can maintain all these regulatory rules of posting in our blog, then you are most welcome.


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